Hello from the farm! Lucie here. Though I’m out of town right now, I made all my lovely coworkers fill me in on the details from Saturday’s Summer Harvest Dinner.

First of all, the photos looked incredible and were the best window into this beautiful evening I could have gotten. Shoutout to Jill Paice for her fancy farm photography that never disappoints!

In a matter of hours, the farm had been transformed from its usual working market state to a lovely al fresco dining environment, complete with fairy lights and soft strums of guitar in the background. The farm-fresh food prepared by Chef Eric Korn only elevated the ambiance; rainbow carrots brought beautiful color to each table, which was complemented by the earthy aroma of fresh basil as centerpieces.

“It was absolutely gorgeous, and the food was amazing. Eric himself was such a nice person and such a great chef,” mentioned Fable team member Kalle Person. “People loved going to the greenhouse to pick their own tomatoes and literally seeing their appetizers being made in front of them.” The greenhouse is at its peak season right now, filled with ripening heirloom cherry tomatoes dotting the green vines.

You can’t get much more farm-to-table than that. There is nothing quite like good cooking with good company, all for a good cause. We’ll be using the proceeds from our Summer Harvest Dinner to primarily keep our farm operating in an organic and sustainable way, and to keep producing those cartons of Fable eggs that you know and love. And for a small business like ours, every penny goes into curating a sustainable, holistic brand and compensating our team members responsibly.

I can also attest to the Fable team planning, prepping, and planning again in order to make this dinner a success. It was no small feat and I am thoroughly impressed by what I heard and saw of the event. Moreover, the Summer Harvest Dinner could not have been possible without the wonderful Fable supporters who purchased their tickets and deliberately chose to support our farm and our ongoing mission. It means the world!

Special thanks to Monica Uhm for her beautiful  live music, Chef Eric Korn for his standout cooking, Thomas Fox Catering for their rental equipment, all the local small businesses that donated to our silent raffle, and of course, everyone who came out to enjoy a lovely evening at the farm.

Thank you all, and we hope to see you at the market this weekend!

‘Tis The Season For Summer Harvest Dinners