After eight years, our farm is temporarily closed as we search for new property, one that provides us land security, affordability, and the necessities to run a successful farm operation. As you can imagine, moving a farm with greenhouses, mobile coops, and a market full of appliances, is no easy feat. But with your help, we know we can do it!

Our plan is to stay in northern Westchester, and we have launched a GoFundMe campaign here and the funds raised will be used to pay for the relocation, permits and reconstruction of our greenhouses, moving all equipment and assets, pay existing suppliers, an expanded market, educational farm trail signage, and more. All contributors to this campaign will receive a matching credit to our market when we reopen. Let’s create a modern day farm and food hub with no restrictions on livestock, more flexibility, more cooking and educational classes, and with all the profit being invested back into the farm, the land, and the community who helps build it.

Please visit our campaign page here, donate, and spread the word. We thank you so much for your support!