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Looking to experience the outdoors and learn more about farming? We hear you! Sign up for one of our programs starting in March.



Fable’s Little Sprouts

New to gardening or simply looking for a fun activity to share with your young one?  Explore the wonders of gardening and learn about bio-diversity with your little farmer in a hands-on workshop cultivating the earth, weeding, watering, seeding, transplanting, exploring nature and having fun!

4 Week Program

Rain or shine

Session Dates:
Tuesdays; June 7, June 14, June 21, June 28

Fiddleheads Little Cooks Class (3-5 )

The class always begins with washing our hands, and gathering around the table. After putting on their aprons the kids are introduced to the ingredients and the name of the dish they will make. Each ingredients is explored, and children are encouraged to touch, smell and taste each of them. Taking turns, the participants of the class measure, mix and engage with our dish. As the dish is getting ready, we will often read books or work on a quick art or gardening craft. At the end of each class the children will sit together again to enjoy the food that they have prepared. They will be encouraged to discuss what they like or don’t like about the dish and share their thoughts.

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Classes are 11:00am – 12:00pm

May 22, May 29, June 12

Fiddleheads Culinary Kids Class (6-11)

Every class is an exploration of ingredients and a joint effort to produce a seasonal dish. After the children wash their hands, they gather around the table for a quick discussion of where our ingredients come from. working independently or in a group, the kids learn how to use different kitchen tools safely and take turns measuring and mixing.
While the dish is getting ready we will often have a quick discussion about how food grows, who grows it, and how it got to our kitchen,
At the end of each class, we enjoy eating our dishes together and share our feeling and thoughts about flavor and texture.

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Classes are 11:00am – 12:15pm

May 22, June 20

Family Cooking Class

During the class children of all ages will learn how to cook a meal from start to finish. Younger kids will work on simpler tasks, while older kids and teens will have the opportunity to work independently and acquire some advanced kitchen skills.

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Family Cooking Class (open to kids 5yo and older with their parents)

Classes are 2:00pm – 3:30pm

May 22, 29, June 12


Weekday Fable Group Tours

Tractors! Chickens! Eggs! Goats! Greenhouses! Regenerative practices! Don’t just read about farm life in books, bring your group to experience a real live, working farm with real live farmers right in your Westchester neighborhood! We would love to share with you and your group all of the important things we love about Fable in our one hour guided farm adventure.

Why do we love goat poop and rotten (as well as fresh) vegetables? How do we get an egg from a chicken? What is a ‘green’ house and why do we have one? How does Fable support other farmers and artisans in our area? How can you and the earth become healthier (and happier) together? These and other important questions will be answered in your hands-on farm tour of Fable.

Our one hour guided tours can be customized to meet the interests of your group. Busses (vans) are welcome. Tours may be conducted outdoors on grass and un-even surfaces. $250 per class of up to 20 people (including adult chaperones) $20 each additional person up to 25 people.

For more information contact Mary Torres at MaryTorres@fablefoods.com

Fable Goat Experience

A custom guided private tour with our favorite furry four. Feed, pet, groom and get to know our giddy goats. They will surely win your heart.

$100 per group of up to five people ($20 per person each additional person up to ten people). For groups of children, we require 1 adult in the group per five children over age 7 and/or 1 adult per two children under age 7.

The time and date will be coordinated with Fable. To spend time inside of the animal paddocks Fable requires a signed waiver which will be provided by the guide at the time of the experience. We will observe the current CDC guidelines. Please ‘dress for mess’ in comfortable clothes and boots or equivalent.


If the weather looks to be an issue or in the event you need to reschedule please email MaryTorres@fablefoods.com at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled time of the experience.

Fable’s FIT Membership

This program is for aspiring farmers, nature lovers, food lovers, gardeners, and those who want to support local farms. Try a monthly Fable FIT (Farmer In Training) membership and get hands-on experience in livestock care, regenerative agriculture, and small business operation. Plus, it’s great exercise! Click here to learn more or sign up for our Spring Season via our online store.