Hello from the farm and welcome to our new blog! I’m Lucie, and I am an intern at the farm this summer. I am a rising junior in college studying sustainable agriculture and community-oriented food systems and have been loving my experiences working with the Fable team. I’ll be writing occasional posts about what is new, noteworthy, and exciting behind-the-scenes on the farm!

Last Sunday I caught Mary and Julian measuring and taking notes for building a mobile goat shelter. Recently we hand-built and unveiled a new mobile chicken coop which is great for moving our flock of 260 chickens to different fields and enhancing our pasture-raised egg operation even more. This system provides so many benefits: the chickens eat a truly natural pasture diet and pass on that superior nutrition to the eggs, and the mobile coop (called the Feathernet) is never on a patch of land long enough to pollute it.”

When Tom (our founder) first explained it to me, I was really impressed, and it was so interesting to learn about the various ways in which small farms have to be innovative and creative with their resources in a regenerative way. This is the kind of hard work that happens behind-the-scenes to ensure that our livestock and land is being treated with care!

Another exciting note: our recent CSA (“Community-Supported Agriculture”) share. Filled with bright yellow patty pan squash, deep-red rhubarb, and the vibrant orange color of our golden beets (and not to mention our rainbow Swiss chard), our bins were full of some of the most colorful vegetables I have ever seen! They do indeed say that “eating the rainbow” is a surefire way to get all your nutrients in and prevent diet-related disease. If you’re interested in joining our CSA please reach out by e-mail.

While our farm and market are open year-round, we delivery CSA Farm Boxes through October to Dobbs Ferry, Second Mouse Cheese Shop in Pleasantville, and Muddy Waters Cafe in Tarrytown. Joining a CSA is a great way to get in touch with your local farmers (that would be us over here at Fable, for instance). You can also head over to the “CSA” tab on our website to learn more. 

Lastly, a new greenhouse update: our tomato plants are growing taller and taller and finally producing some delicious colored fruits on their vines! We harvested our first few pints of cherry tomatoes this past weekend. And our red and green salanova lettuce also looks beautiful, as always.

It has been really uplifting to see so many community members who are passionate about eating in a way that supports their local farmers and preserves farmland in their community. Eating is a profoundly environmental act, and the nature of how we consume and shop is one of the best ways to exercise personal agency for our planet, our farmers, and ourselves. 

That’s all for now. I’ll be here again soon with another post about the “beet” on the farm.

The Farm Beet