– A New Way to CSA –

We are what we eat, and we want you to be healthy. That is why we created Fable’s 2018 CSA to provide local residents with fresh, healthy, and delicious tasting food.

CSA, short for “community supported agriculture”, provides farmers like us with a crucial infusion of cash for the winter and spring, used to buy seeds, plant cover crops to feed the soil, repair equipment, and more. It provides the CSA member with delicious, fresh, and nutritious produce during the summer and into the fall.

CSA Sign-Up: CSA Online Store

CSA Handbook and Membership Agreement: CSA Handbook 2018


Members of our CSA purchase a Farm Card for $250 or more before the season starts, which they can spend like cash throughout the summer and fall at our Market. Members pick out their own produce, as much or as little as they’d like, over the course of the growing season. We subtract their weekly selections from their credit balance.

As a member you will have the ability to pick whatever you like, every week. Don’t like turnips? Skip ’em. Craving curly kale? Grab as many bunches as you want. Having a dinner party? Pick up everything you’ll need at our stand.

Going on vacation? No more losing out on produce or arranging for someone else to pick them up for you. Enjoy  your time away and your balance will be waiting for you when you return.

And our CSA is no longer limited to just produce. Enjoy some local and value added products like jarred tomatoes, artisan bread, cheese, and herb-infused olive oil.

We will still be sending out weekly newsletters full of recipes, a “Recommended Harvest” for those wanting to eat with the season, and a list of what to expect at our market that weekend.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Introducing a New Way to CSA