For aspiring farmers, nature lovers, food lovers, gardeners and those who want to support local farms. Try a monthly Fable FIT membership and get hands on experience in livestock care, regenerative agriculture and small business operation. Plus, it’s great exercise!

A variable and limited number of monthly memberships will be offered (depending on season and staff availability) which allow members to participate in weekly scheduled seasonal routine farm activities (i.e. collecting eggs, weeding, transplanting, watering) and the opportunity to take part in both large and small farm projects. This is not a workshop, class, volunteer program, internship, or apprenticeship, but a purchased opportunity for individuals to spend time behind the scenes and gain experience, on a real farm.

Registration and a $25 one month membership fee includes:

  • Access to weekly scheduled, mentored farm activities (several hours each week, both weekend and weekday slots available)
  • Invitational participation in special projects
  • Outdoor exercise
  • Network with other program participants/members
  • Members may apply and purchase additional monthly memberships (depending on season and staff availability)
  • Ages 18+ during the upcoming season
  • Sorry, no prorated memberships are offered at this time

E-mail Info@fablefoods.com for further information.

To sign up please visit our online store.