Farm Dinner Fundraiser

Farm Dinner Fundraiser

Join Chef Eric Korn at Fable for a night to remember. He brings to the farm his passion for sustainability and sourcing locally, not to mention his sense of culinary adventure. Your attendance will help us continue our farming mission.

For eight years our farm and food hub has been dedicated to sustainable agriculture and education. We provide local residents, restaurants, and hospitals with fresh, healthy, and locally grown produce. Our events and educational opportunities have proven to be a fantastic addition to the community. In order to continue farming organically and provide educational classes we are seeking support from the local community. By joining us for this special harvest dinner your ticket will allow us to focus on projects such as farmland enhancement, improved livestock protection, new educational programs, and more. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a fantastic and flavorful multi-course meal using the farm fresh produce of the season, served by the wonderful and talented Chef Eric Korn.

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Levels of Support

$150 Ticket
Represents feeding our whole flock for half a week.

$250 Ticket
Represents the purchase of soil and amendments for a month.

$500 Ticket
Represents hay, feed, and veterinary care for the goats for a quarter.

$1,000 Ticket
Represents the purchase of seeds for the next growing season.

$2,500 Ticket
Represents maintaining and repairing farm and delivery vehicles for the year.

$5,000 Ticket
Represents maintaining and repairing our farm equipment for the growing season.

$10,000 Ticket
Represents feeding our flock of chickens for a year.

You may also purchase your tickets by paying through Zelle using “914-862-0205”. This helps save the farm money by eliminating credit card fees. Please leave your contact info in the Memo section.

During the 2022 harvest season Fable donated over 11,000 pounds of produce to local food pantries. Your support helps us continue these efforts. Thank you.

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