Fiddleheads Little Cooks Class

Fiddleheads Little Cooks Class

Menu: Sweet and Savory Crostini

The class always begins with washing our hands, and gathering around the table. After putting on their aprons the kids are introduced to the ingredients and the name of the dish they will make. Each ingredients is explored, and children are encouraged to touch, smell and taste each of them. Taking turns, the participants of the class measure, mix and engage with our dish. As the dish is getting ready, we will often read books or work on a quick art or gardening craft. At the end of each class the children will sit together again to enjoy the food that they have prepared. They will be encouraged to discuss what they like or don’t like about the dish and share their thoughts.

Price: $50
For children 3-5 year’s old. Adults free.

*Photo Courtesy of Molly Peterson.

May 22, 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
1311 Kitchawan Rd Ossining, New York 10562