Tom is a native of Westchester County, New York. While making an effort to eat healthier, he began to notice that fresh, locally-grown produce was often not available in nearby grocery stores. He also found that many of the items that were available contained harmful ingredients or pesticides. With this in mind Tom created Fable: From Farm to Table to provide local residents, restaurants, and grocery stores with a fresh, healthy, and locally grown produce.

Tom enjoys growing new and exotic species of plants. When he’s not planting culinary herbs or browsing through the latest seed catalog, one can find him kayaking on the Hudson River, hiking in the Catskills, or venturing on a road trip. In 2012 Tom completed his mission of traveling to all 50 states, including a cross country road trip from New York to Alaska. These travels have led Tom to have a deeper appreciation for the environment and desire to help protect it.




Francis has been growing microgreens, shoots, and wheatgrass for over two decades. His first taste of professional small farming was in 2008 at Growing Green Farm in Vista, NY. For the last four years he was farm manager at SunRaven Farm in Bedford, NY. The transition to a midsize farm at Fable is a natural evolution. When not getting deep in the dirt, he loves riding his bike, meditating, and cooking masterful dishes for his wife, Christine. He is an unconventionally trained chef and operates a private catering business, Reiki Chef.







Craig is currently working towards his license as a Registered Dietician, and is currently the President of the Lehman College Nutrition Club. He has a wide range of interests keeping him busy, including work and research in public health, social progress, agriculture, culinary arts, alternative medicine, holistic health, and “the good life”.






Ricky Tegtmeier is a life-long resident of Pleasantville, NY and a student at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. There he double majors in biology and music. This is his second year farming and working with commercial hydroponic production having previously worked at Cabbage Hill Farms. At Salve Regina he is the hired work study for the Salve Regina Hydroponic Research Lab where he manages the research projects, events, plant yields, and volunteers. His passion for science, plant biology, and environmentalism pushes him to start a career in agricultural research to contribute towards creating a more sustainable global food system. As a musician he is always finding his next project to keep him busy whether it’s a new band or writing new music. When he’s not working on a project you can catch him reading, hiking or biking.